Thursday, May 19, 2011

Science class in "the field"

Yamuna, Omar, and I went into the field today for Science class--hiked for 2 hours in the on/off rain mostly under cover of the woodland tree canopy. Yamuna and Omar gathered medicinal and edible plants for their science presentation on why identifying plant life is beneficial :::ground ivy, comfrey, dandelion, stonecrop, spring beauty, marsh marigold, sweet violet, mayapple, even wild asparagus.

It wasnt until we crossed back over the tuscarora creek inlet which runs along side the oxen training site, that Omar found an intact deer skull with antlers. None of us here advocate hunting but the deer skull is a good example of anatomy and it was beautiful in its quiet simplicity----the deer having left its bodyprobably not so long ago. There were shades of pink and green on the beautiful skull. Omar left it in a spot on along the path, to come back to in a few weeks after it has thoroughly dried out to study the anatomy.

Later, well present the flora we found to Parijata, Dhruva, and Prestayaha....and expound on why knowing what flora is nearby is beneificial to the entire community.

Peace, friends. It's raining again!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and we fed the cows comfrey

Sorry friends! The photos of the cows eating fuzzy comfrey leaves from a silver pail did not save in my blackberry camera so we'll try again tomorrow! (grrr AT&T and their refurbished phones!)

Regardless! We fed the cows comfrey today as comfrey "knits bones" because one of the cows, Creeper, has arthritis in his leg. Funny most of the cows enjoyed the comfrey but Creeper only accepted a few choice young leaves and turned his nose up at the rest. He refused the whole comfrey leaves so now we will try an herbal veterenarian recipe that says boil the comfrey and add a handful of ground ivy and a piece of licorice root ....because comfrey is kind of fuzzy and our cows have "higher taste".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pandu featured here is one of GITA NAGARI YOGA FARMS beloved, protected cows. He and cows all over want you to know that GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM is the ONLY non kill dairy on the east coast. Did you know that ALL other dairies on the east coast send their cows to the slaughter house after they are finished milking? Yes, its a big dark secret the dairy industry keeps quiet for obvious reasons. I didnt know about it either until i came to the farm....and all this time i was buying "organic, grass fed" cow milk---and this does no good at all! Even "organic"dairies send their cows to slaughter. So, please spread the word about Gita Nagari's Cruelty Free Dairy Line and next time you visit us, go home with some raw milk! We sell it fresh frozen so you can boil only what you want to use at the time and save the rest. Its the best milk on the east coast for obvious reasons. Please animal lovers spread the word about GITA NAGARI cruelty free milk-- even vegans love our milk becaue no animals are mistreated! Cows all over need you to spread the word about the dairy industry and send your family and friends to GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM. Also, go ahead and ask your local natural food store to carry cruelty free milk. Have them call us. Cows all over thank you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gita Nagari Yoga Farm at Vegetarian Society's Eat 4 life concert

Saturday night GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM set up table at the Vegetarian Society of Juniata County's EAT 4 LIFE Benefit Concert. The Yoga Farm set out a sampling of their Karma Free Dairy Products including ghee both plain and spiced, sweet potato flax bread, creamy pesto, and our famous cheese curd. Also gracing the table were ADOPT-A-COW tee shirts, cow dung air purifier cones, medicinal grade cow urine, and pro cow books. The EAT 4 LIFE benefit turned out to be an enjoyable evening with all of the ingredients you need for down home "fun": local live music, local vendors, and a wide range of healthy mouth watering samples provided by Port Royal's GITA NAGARI and Mifflintown's NATURE'S HARMONY. The evening closed when the roof was raised with clapping and wolf call in salute to the band, Grey Heron.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

operation save the peacock eggs 5-11-2011

(Above) Square sweetgrass haystacks adds sugar cubed sweetness to the already picarescque GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM landscape. (Above left) After one of the men bailing hay accidentally moved some hay that was home to a peacock nest, Omar stepped in and rescued the 3 remaining eggs and successfully relocated them to an "off the beaten path" peacock nest.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The race to Roost before sunset

Dhruva and Omar were racing the sunset tonight - and they succeeded...finishing the roosters new triangular shaped home before dusk fell. I think they hammered the last nail in just as the the suns golden rays bid their final adieau for the evening and dipped behind the Applachians. The roosters are now situated and two tired, satisfied men came home to heat up a very late dinner. Thank you for all your hard work Dhruva and Omar.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday what a day

Kelly, our friend from Penn State, and her sister, McKenzie came to The Yoga Farm today for a visit. While here, they visited the farm animals, did some weeding and harvested herbs for drying. Then we all went canoeing. On the way inland, we brushed past a large low branch of din din na...POISON IVY folks! I held it in my hand for a moment to study the leaves of three to be sure it was poison ivy and it was! So after pulling the canoe up the bank and driving the kids and
our young adult visitors half way to the canoe drop off point, I excused myself and ran home to shower with TECNU. This white and red bottle says it is the only product that will bind to the urushiol in poison ivy and wash it away if you wash within 2 hours. Cross your fingers please! We need to find another spot on the river to pull ashore.

Friday, April 29, 2011

cutting edge herbal medicinal products from Gita Nagari Yoga Farm

To the left you see the distillation of gita nagari protected cow urine being infused with organic fennel. Cow urine is a super tonic which has been scientifically proven to kill germs and offer disease resistance. It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic cures to treat both common and "incurable"diseases. In India, there is cow urine soda product, eye drops, soap, cow urine tablets and so on--- needless to say this cure all is well known and popular. Gita Nagari Yoga Farm is the first to offer cow urine product from protected cows to the United States.

We are offering cerfied organic herb infused cow urine in two ways: sun distilled and wood stove distilled. To the left you see counterclockwise lemon balm, comfrey, fennel, and mint. These herbs will be singly distilled in the urine over our wood burning stove.

We have 3 oz bottles of the distilled miracle cure available now. Bulk quantities are also available. 717 527 4101

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's retreat season and the Yoga Farm is busy! We are hosting so many guests this week and happy to do so -- we love guests! We are busy turning over and preparing rooms for a trio who will arrive tonight and a family from Toronto who will arrive this weekend. At the same time we are sorry to say goodbye to Mitravinda and her two lovely children who just bid us adieu after visiting for a few days during the children's spring break. Thank you for helping out in the green house Mitravinda! Please come back soon.

Monday, April 18, 2011

and the herd cut loose

The herd cut loose on Prestayaha and I right after we took these pictures. We were marveling over how perfect the weather was and the landscape...and then I took my smart phone out (he hee) and started taking pictures...well, the herd must've sensed our diverted attentions and they began to wander off-- slowly at first. Well, it was my first time herding and I made the mistake of running after them to get ahead and guess what? Ding, ding, ding! You guessed right, folks! They moved away from us even faster! Down the hill they went and took their jolly old time coming back to pasture. Still, it was pleasant herding and I learned not to run behind them unless I am trying to move them in that direction.

Gita Nagari Yoga Farm in Philly

We arrived at the Philly Temple today around 5pm and set our tables up. With us we brought informational brochures and all kindsa ppprrroduct!

Among our rainbow of yummilicious goodies were flavoured hung yogurt (saffron orange is superb), ghee both spiced and plain, raw honey*, sweet potato flax bread, pesto, raw milk, curd, and 2 wildcrafted herbs- stinging nettle and catnip mint.

The strawberry carob chip and saffron orange hung yogurt samples (pronounced shree-con) were a big hit with the Philly crowd and as usual the pesto and bread lit up many faces. Surpisingly many devotees both young and old reached for the the wildcrafted steamed fresh nettles and nettle and catnip mint tea as well. Children even asked for seconds!

Friday, April 15, 2011

heaven on earth

This morning my plan was to take photos of Prestayaha feeding the cows a healthy spring diet, upload pics and info to blog, create CSA brochures, and work the rest of the day in the greenhouse. This morning...bright and early... that was the plan--- and I set out to do it. But as I was taking the first photo of a pretty grey milker accepting a strand of brocoliette with her adept curling tongue, the light flashed on the camera screen and warned me: insuficcient battery and-- that was that. God's plan is always the right plan. So rather than photo the cows enjoying a healthy meal, I made calls, seeded n organinzed the greenhouse, and identified flora. Now perhaps the aformentioned topics will be covered in tomorrows blog, however, tonight I must express this shining yet simple fact that comes to me daily now that spring has arrived: GITA NAGARI IS HEAVEN ON EARTH and all who have the pleasure of knowing GITA NAGARI are most blessed. Gods abundant blessings are everywhere here in the face of every flower unfurling, every peacock prancing, every protected cow, in every drop of milk, every warm breeze is God's sweet breath. I mean you don't even have to look for it here; when you set foot on Gita Nagari ground, you are surrounded by God in Nature. So when you come for a visit wether its your first visit or your 100th, please stop, breathe in the air, touch the earth with your skin-- bare feet, bare hands whatever- somehow make the connection, greet the flowers, brush the oxen, feed the cows, befriend the donkey and mini horses, and offer your unique service to God. Please come to GITA NAGARI humbly, enjoy God's bounty with us, and offer your service- we are truly blessed.

Jai mother nature. Jai!


Photo: Coltsfoot


Thursday, April 14, 2011

first barefoot gardenin day of spring

today was lovely. the sun was shining and the breeze soft and warm. i had my wildflower ID books out and i decided to lay on the grass belly down observing ground ivy, chickweed, veronica and other flora friends. i noticed the cool grass felt super inviting what with the sun heating me up inside my black sweatshirt. I pressed my cheek to the grass and my palms down to soak up some of her cooling energy. my feet sent the message to my brain then that they wanted to be free and sure enough within the hour my sweatshirt was hanging on a nail in the greenhouse and my shoes and "smartwool" socks were chilling near medbed one's nettle patch. yup, i went barefoot today n it was heaven feeling the cool earth yield and mold to my feet as i moved across grass and soil. wriggling my long, white toes- we're free again! they seem to say. ha and ah. ah and ha! what a joy to be barefoot in the garden. sms+

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The final moments of the smith shop

Dhruva, Ameena and Bali got down to cleaning up the dilapidated smith shop and removing the old fencing. They tried to recover some parts of the structure that were not rotten and could be reused. A lot of work! But fits in with the sustainability mood. Bali got the best part - lighting em up!  Oh, you guys should have seen that smile on his face :-)

And here is our new farm recruit!

 Meet Bhakta and his courteous hand shake with Omar :-)

Renovation work @ BA

The BA is seeing considerable overhaul and some transformation is expected over the coming few weeks. There is a new common bathroom being set up next to the existing one. That way there'll be one for the men and another for the ladies. The flooring is being redone, new efficient windows being installed, general cleanup,painting, etc. Every day is a new project here! As always, everyone's welcome to visit the farm and check out things.

Spring is here!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This just in::: GITA NAGARI is going to be home to a pig and a miniature donkey. The duo arrives tomorrow. We are also considering being home to sheep, goats, and perhaps even llama. What do you think? Which animals would YOU like to see at GITA NAGARI and why?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The cows are sleeping so comfy and clean tonight because Dhruva, Omar, and Amina cleaned the entire barn and put sweet new hay down for their bedding. Sweet dreams, cows. Enjoy the moo (new) bedding! (Forgive the silly joke) Good night friends!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blooms and Sprouts

A few of us here started a lemon juice cleanse today::: we are flushing our system of built up toxins accumulated over the sedentary winter by drinking a mix of fresh squeezed lemons, cayenne powder, and maple syrup and drinking water and teas as needed (I had a little food as well ahem chocolate covered walnuts and trail mix but SHHH- is ok im still reducing!).

Omar tranplanted daffodils he pulled from around the cabin- there are so many back there every where and he wants people to enjoy their pretty yellow faces- so he pulled up a dozen or so, hooked the wagon to his bike, loaded them on, and transplanted them in the landscaped area next to the rose bushes.

AND Our first greenhouse veggie sprouts of the season poked their little green heads up out of the soil in the seedling trays today!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

hand harvesting stinging nettle- tingly!

I bare hand harvested stinging nettle today --the sting is said to be good for muscle tension and arthritis. Kpdd and I brought the fresh harvest to the kitchen and juiced it. Mother jagganath and we drank the through the roof good for you calcium n chlorophyll rich elixir. We three all agree it is tastier than store bought green drinks and we plan to experiment with nettle recipes all season. My hand still tingles and I like it!

Stop by and try some friends...stinging nettle is not stingy and she is a potent spring tonic!

Friday, April 1, 2011

APRIL 1, 2011 -

The greenhouse area along with the medicinal herb beds are really starting to take shape. Today, the scrap wood and metal pile was rebirthed into a border for medicinal herb bed 1 and a partial border for medbed 2. I also dug the old fencing out and organized the grow area a bit.

Omar seeded 4 trays of Butternut Squash. KPDD and Amina continued working diligently on the Gift Shop which is really taking shape.

Mother Jagganath planted 3 types of rose bushes that were gifted from her friend from the garden club in large pots and called an impromptu farewell luncheon for Stava Priya, Dhanya, and Dasaratha . We will miss you. Travel safely!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wait TIL you see the new herb beds!

Today is Omar's birthday! He is 10...we celebrated his double digit-ness Sunday with a canoe ride down the YAMUNA RIVER and a bonfire over which we melted marshmallows and made s'mores. Today we celebrated by TILLING!

We tilled the greenhouse and two large pieces of ground nearby one in a D and one in a triangle shape. These plots will soon be home to medicinal and culinary herbs.

We also started some seedlings in trays::: among these parsley, collards, and lettuce mix.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2012 Internships Available!

Set in the scenic Tuscarora Valley, framed by mountain ridges, boundaried by the Tuscarora Creek on the east side, inhabited by melodious birds and other creatures, home to 9 joyful volunteers, 19 peaceful cows/oxen, and a carefree flock of about 40 peacocks, Gita Nagari Organic Farm of 350 acres of rolling green hay fields, pastures and diverse woods engages in compassionate farming, above all its other activities.

We at Gita Nagari Organic Farm have understood that as an intentional community, we can be profitable and sustainable. This is because our core values rest on community and compassion where we are stewards of our people, land and animals. This is exemplified through our Organic Systems Plan, Forest Stewardship Plan, Conservation Plan, Nutrient Management Plan, Community Activities and and Cow and Ox Protection Plan.
Our goals are to balance lifestyle and agriculture through organic farming integrated with renewable energy sources. While our current practices are not there yet, we are making significant progress towards this. We would love to share with you our various projects in this regard such as biofuels, green buildings, and ox power.
Core to the above are people - people make things happen! Personal and community values are rooted in love, care, respect, compassion, and above all, engaging the talents and hearts of each other in loving service - service being a word we deliberately use to describe our daily activities as opposed to “chores” and “tasks”.
Given this backdrop, we offer to our qualifying interns the opportunity to:
  • learn the fundamental principles of organic farming side by side with us - the format is theoretical input and conversations accompanied by hands on farming. This begins with understanding the natural elements used to grow wholesome food, planning your season, to germination techniques to planting techniques and up to harvesting, followed by preparing your garden for the next growing season
  • learn the fundamental principles of caring for and protecting cows and oxen - their value, how to engage their gifts of milk, manure and urine, and training oxen
  • learn core leadership competencies including planning, organizing, leading, managing self, others and tasks/services, business planning and strategic planning through real Projects as case studies
  • become Project Team members on Agriculture and any Project of interest for you here on the Farm - we have many Projects in progress, constantly. This is underpinned by the principle that farming is not an isolated activity but rather the heart beat of the community, with active inspired people being the heart of our farm
  • lead any community event/activity regarding the youth, festivals, cleaning, re-organizing, introducing enhanced systems, and much more
  • learn diverse vegetarian cooking, yoga, meditation, and broaden your knowledge on applied wholesome lifestyle
The above is structured into the daily activities of the Farm.
You can apply to intern for one month up to one year - a duration that meets your needs and that of the farm. We do request that there is consistency please so as to enhance your learning experience and meet the needs of an active and developing farm.
Our core value proposition to you is compassionate farming coupled with empowerment and zero bureaucracy to lead and/or participate in the multitude of development Projects.
Being a compassionate farm, our residents and guests while on our Project practice vegetarianism and intoxication-free habits.
Please apply on-line at - submit your biographical details, a brief background, your goals regarding sustainable farming, your needs and expectations to and call 717 527 4101 to chat further!

Let’s partner for a compassionate and sustainable future together.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Spring 2011 is upon us and with it wild and cultivated herbs, flowers, trees and hibernating seed spirits of all kinds are beginning to awaken beneath the ground, preparing to break through soil and greet the world above. The YAMUNA river, now clear of ice, is flowing free and swift, melodiously gurgling "spring is coming," to the tune of rock and root. Yesterday, I saw a small patch of squat bushy mint protruding from the base of a rock near the greenhouse and a sweet buzzing bee landed on my gardening glove. Ah!! Spring so gentle and kind, full of REBIRTH and GROWTH and PROJECTS, PROJECTS, PROJECTS!!!

There are so many exciting projects under way here at Gita Nagari Yoga Farm; one's head might spin when thinking of where to begin... but as we say around here, "Let's talk about, let's plan it, let's do it."


The GIFT SHOP, now in its final stages, is being painted and soon after items will be brought in. The old school house has been cleared, is now being fastidiously cleaned, will undergo necessary renovations, and will then be rebirthed as a YOGA STUDIO and MEETING VENUE. The backpacker’s cabin looks great and is in its final stages of construction. These three (3) projects will be completed in May in time for retreat and festival season.


The greenhouse is being cleared and prepped for spring. The surrounding herb gardens have been flipped and new green growth is already peeping through soil.

The barn is being cleaned and upgraded into a fully functional milking and storage facility. A new freezer and various other milking equipment have been included in the upgrade. The cows are reaping benefit because now we are focusing on incorporating super foods into their daily diet: wheat berry sprouts....


Debris from winter storms is being cleared throughout the property. The kitchen has been reorganized to maximize space and efficiency.

Check back later this week for more updates and lots of pictures.