Monday, April 18, 2011

Gita Nagari Yoga Farm in Philly

We arrived at the Philly Temple today around 5pm and set our tables up. With us we brought informational brochures and all kindsa ppprrroduct!

Among our rainbow of yummilicious goodies were flavoured hung yogurt (saffron orange is superb), ghee both spiced and plain, raw honey*, sweet potato flax bread, pesto, raw milk, curd, and 2 wildcrafted herbs- stinging nettle and catnip mint.

The strawberry carob chip and saffron orange hung yogurt samples (pronounced shree-con) were a big hit with the Philly crowd and as usual the pesto and bread lit up many faces. Surpisingly many devotees both young and old reached for the the wildcrafted steamed fresh nettles and nettle and catnip mint tea as well. Children even asked for seconds!