Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday what a day

Kelly, our friend from Penn State, and her sister, McKenzie came to The Yoga Farm today for a visit. While here, they visited the farm animals, did some weeding and harvested herbs for drying. Then we all went canoeing. On the way inland, we brushed past a large low branch of din din na...POISON IVY folks! I held it in my hand for a moment to study the leaves of three to be sure it was poison ivy and it was! So after pulling the canoe up the bank and driving the kids and
our young adult visitors half way to the canoe drop off point, I excused myself and ran home to shower with TECNU. This white and red bottle says it is the only product that will bind to the urushiol in poison ivy and wash it away if you wash within 2 hours. Cross your fingers please! We need to find another spot on the river to pull ashore.