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By becoming a Member of Gita Nagari Farm, you are supporting the goals for a sustainable future:
  • a lifestyle by a committed intentional community 
  • centered around the cultivation of the land
  • protection of the cows and all living entities
  • in full stewardship and harmony of the natural resources around us
  • in an effort to practically educate and demonstrate sustainable living
  • with a view to facilitating a transformation in habits and lifestyle of all people who inhabit planet earth.  
Annual Membership Fee:
  • $50 per person per year
  • $100 per family per year (2 adults and children) - additional members at $10 per head (for example grandparents, etc)
Please make check payable to: Gita Nagari Farm and mail to 534 Gita Nagari Road, Port Royal, PA, 17082
The primary purpose of your membership fee is to support Gita Nagari Farm and its goals.  Additional benefits include:
  • free tours, scheduled in advance and based on availablity
  • 10% discount on on-farm purchases from our Gift Shop
  • weekly newsletter by email
Please direct queries to
Thank you for your generosity.