Monday, May 23, 2016

Working Farm Retreats at Gita Nagari


Join us on the weekends at Gita Nagari Farm and Sanctuary where all our activities are based on the principle of compassionate living. 

We have been hosting Working Farm Retreats for the last 6 years on a needs basis.  This year we are pleased to announce our Working Farm Retreat as a fixed offering in the Summer – weekend retreats for you and your family to have a fun, relaxing and educational farm experience.

The Retreat begins on Friday at 6pm with Dinner and Orientation and ends on Sunday at Lunch.

Saturday entails 6 hours of fun time:
·      in the kitchen preparing meals,
·      in the fields harvesting vegetables,
·      time with the cows,
·      cleaning the farm and
·      much more.  
Then wind down with a late afternoon Yoga Class followed by dinner and some great social time singing and dancing around the campfire.

Sunday starts with early morning outdoor activities followed by breakfast and additional time spent in special Projects at the Farm.  We wrap up with a facilitated session sharing our “Reflections and Realizations”, which is always a heart-warming time together.  Lunch is served at 1pm.  Thereafter, retreat attendees check out and head back to their first home as we have become by now their second home.

Please join us on the following weekends:

June 3-5
June 10-12
June 17-19
July 8-10
July 15-17

Sign up now – we are booking up fast and furiously!  Your Cost is really low as you are paying with your time and energy so to cover our hosting expenses, we are charging $80 per adult, $50 for ages 5 to 18 and $30 for under 5 years of age.

We look forward to working, serving and growing together!

Welcome to our Gita Nagari Farm Family!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Creamery & Cow Sanctuary Newsletter 5.6.16

Gita Nagari Creamery & Cow Sanctuary


Welcome to the Gita Nagari Moos-letter!

Please accept our gratitude to you - our dairy subscribers, community members, and friends. Thank you for your continued support and commitment!

Gita Nagari is a growing project with a big vision. As the USA's only certified slaughter-free dairy farm, our goal is to show the world how compassionate farming is not only a viable agricultural model, but is the way of the future. Without your support our mission would come to a halt!

We hope that even though you may not be able to visit us in person as often as we would all like, this newsletter will help you see and feel what an integral part of this project you really are. 

Please share this message with others! 

The Spring Dance!

Gita Nagari Farm - Joyful Cows Spring Dance!
After a cold winter all the residents of the farm are just waiting for a warm sunny day - especially the cows!
Watch as they run and frolic while enjoying fresh pastures for the first time this spring.

Opportunities for Engagement

If you've visited our farm and met our cows you know one thing for sure - they are happy! And that's how we like to keep them.

Along with our cows we also keep many oxen on the farm. Our head ox trainer often says "A working ox is a happy ox." In our last newsletter we expressed a need for a heavy-duty ox riding wagon. By a fortunate arrangement we found one and for $2,000 less than anticipated! Soon we will be able to offer tours of the farm on our 12 passenger ox-powered wagon - we just need your support.

Whether you can give a lot or a little - doesn't matter! If we had just 100 individuals who gave $30 each this project would be completely paid off. Any surplus funds will be used to purchase yolks and other equipment for the oxen. Let's work together to make the oxen happy and watch the dream of Gita Nagari unfold before our eyes!
This cart must be paid for by May 13th if we are to bring it to the farm! Follow the link and click the donate option to support this project - donate here.

The Farm Just Got Bizzzzy...

A key facet of our farm is sustainability. Without protecting bees our entire ecosystem would be in danger. Bees help tremendously with crop growth and also provide honey with amazing medicinal qualities!

With the help of our friendly bee consultant we have acquired five hives to start. We would like to bring more bees to the farm so our yield will be more fruitful and all of the residents will be happier. Natural honey will also be a great product to offer to our community of supporters.

If you are inspired to contribute to this project please contact