Friday, October 18, 2013

GOVARDHANA & GO PUJA - SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3rd 2013 - you are invited...

New Vrindavana has The Festival of Inspiration, New Hastinapura has the Dushera Festival, Atlanta has The Panihati Festival , New York has the biggest Ratha Yatra on the East Coast, and we, my dear devotees have the delightfully benevolent presence of Sri Sri Radha-Damodara, the cows, (and cowherd boys and girls. . . ) and Govardhana Hill. What a perfect combination for Gita Nagari's signature festival Govardhana Puja.  That sublime opportunity to really relish the pastimes of the residents of Vraja by re-enacting the decoration and worship of the cows at the Goshalla in the company of Sri Sri Radha-Damodara, reciting the Damodarastakam prayers under Their watchful eyes and dancing ecstatically around Krishna in His MOST attractive form as a Hill of Sweets! Jaya Giri Govardhana! Let's come together in gratitude for the opportunity to have this Holy Dhama in our lives, let's spread the word and bring not just ourselves but our friends and neighbours to join in the fun with us.

7am-8am          Srimad-Bhagavatam class
8am-8.30am     Guru-puja and Kirtan
8.30am              Greeting the dieties in their new outfit.
9.00am              Prepare Their Lordships for procession to the Goshalla.
9.15am              Kirtan with the cows
9.30am              Decorating, feeding the cows and arati for their Lordships.
10.30am            Procession of Their Lordships back to the Mandir
12 noon             Arati to their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Damodara.
2pm                   Welcome and Greeting of guests to Gita Nagari
2.30-3.00pm      Singing of Damodarastakam offering of lamps.
3.00-4.00pm      Drama: The lifting of Govardhana Hill by the Gita Nagari Players.
4.00-5.00pm      Simultaneous arati to Sri Sri Radha-Damodara and Giri Govardhana
                          Circumambulation of the Hill.
5.30pm              Feast and distribution of the sweets.

Monday, August 19, 2013

come chant with us!!!



Join us in Enchanting Sri Gita Nagari Dham
for enlivening and soothing kirtan
ABSORB yourself in the HOLY NAME after the FESTIVAL MARATHON
You have not slept most likely for more than 24 hours, being “blissed out” in full surrendered service for Janmasthami and Vyasa Puja.  Let us serve you - just CHANT CHANT CHANT here in Gita Nagari, and we will take care of the rest.  Arrive Friday evening and depart Monday (holiday) - special breakfast served Monday morning.
Swing Sri Sri Radha Damodara in the Grove with the cows on Sunday
Saturday, Aug 31st 10am to 10pm - Annada Ekadasi
Sunday, Sept 1st 10am to 10pm.  

Fee: Donation - based

In our efforts to make this Festival accessible to all,  please visit to donate towards this event.
Comfortable Accommodation available - please email Braja-vilasini dd on 
Full Prasadam Feasts served - Delicious and nutritious
Thank You! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ABSORPTION IN BHAKTI - A Retreat with HH Radhanatha Swami - Aug 9-11 - Gita Nagari

The residents of Gita Nagari are delighted to welcome His Holiness Srila Radhanath Maharaj, all his wonderful disciples and well-wishers, back to enchanting Sri Gita Nagari Dhama.

This year, we welcome you into the mood of Absorption in Bhakti, and invite you experience the simplicity and sweetness of the dhama.

Please register on  by selecting the number of adults, youth and children in your party. 

Please also book your Gita Nagari accommodation - which is practically taken:  We have listed some Motels for you below.

We have some limited floor space (lovely organic bamboo floors :)) in our Yoga Studio Level 1 for either men or women or large families/friends.  Please arrange among family and friends and call us to book that as a large group booking.  We are not able to take individual bookings for this.  Rooms 1 (men) & 2 (ladies) in the Yoga Studio Level 2 take individual bookings of either men or ladies - 10 per room - a few beds are still available.

Once our on-farm accommodation is booked, kindly contact the surrounding Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Campgrounds, etc:

* Econolodge - Mifflintown - 717 437 5981

* Budget Inn - Mifflintown - 717 436 2127

* Super 8 - Burnham - 717 242 888

* Quality Inn - Burnham - 717 248 4961

* Best Western - Milroy - 717 667 9595

* Rose House Bed & Breakfast - ph: Nancy Zimmerman on 717 436 6605 / 717 953 6043 - 11 miles from Gita Nagari
Call us also as some members in our Community have a room or 2 to host you.

We eagerly await your arrival.

Please contact us with any queries

Your servants,
Parijata devi dasi - 717 527 4101;
Mother Ortrun 717 532 5331;
Braja Vilasini devi dasi

Thursday, January 3, 2013

We have Talent!

New Year's eve was spent in our toasty dining hall, with many of our community members sharing their talent as an offering and expression of love, straight from the heart.  Our Music of the Heart Festival has been running for 12 consecutive years now, initiated by one of our Leaders, HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami.  Yasodamayi has been taking primary responsibility to organize and facilitate this wonderful event, bringing everyone together to ring in the new year with joyful and grateful hearts!

Here are some of the presentations - apologies for the inferior quality pics :(.

Our Young Men Tackle our Old Orchard

Gaura, Vraja & Abhay have been spending much time (on their own initiative and selflessly) during the fall researching, evaluating and physically treating our uncared for apple and pear orchard with a view to either revive it or establish a new orchard.  We are very inspired by their enthusiasm and forward thinking approach.  Here they are in action!

Making the Winter Cow Barn Comfy

Bali, Gauraraya & Dhruva spent many days building new feeding stalls for our cows.  The previous wooden structures were strong but over the years, our herd love to lean and scratch against the beams, therefore calling for the beams to be replaced.

We got some good quality hardwood from our Amish friend, Sam, and built a sturdy structure.  The cows are gradually getting used to this new set up.  We were ready to bring therm all in to the barn by Dec 1st.  We spread comfy bedding - soft spelt straw, which all of them love, even Bala, Madri and Kunti (our donkey and goats) who when separated show their unhappiness in various ways.  Hence they all reside happily together.