Every penny donated will be used for the intended purpose. By donating you will be our partners in bringing about a change in consciousness of the people and tangibly influence the planet. Even more, your donations will be karma-free. Support our model and help us spread the awareness of simple living and high thinking!


The cows are central to our life on the farm and we are so fortunate to be able to care for them. However, there are always expenses when caring for cows. Therefore we invite you to help in this great cause by adopting a cow.

For only $61/month (less than $2/day) you can help provide the food, veterinary care, and shelter for a member of our herd. You'll receive a picture of your cow, a certificate of adoption, and a gift from our farm for each you adopt.

If you've fallen in love with a cow while visiting our farm this is a great way to support them even from a distance. Please write us at with your payment confirmation, mailing address and the name of the cow you met and we'll be happy to approve your adoption!


Equipment is something that is always needed on a farm. Machinery breaks or we explore new methods of gardening or supplying hay to our cows. If you have equipment that you would like to donate please get in touch with us. Monetary donations are always welcome. You can donate any amount to help us keep our equipment running.  Examples of equipment include transplanters, conveyors, packaging stations, washing stations, mulch lifters, cultivators.


Vehicles are always in short supply at the farm. If you have a car, moped, or motorbike that you would like to donate, please contact us. We are always looking for  tractors and other farm machinery for hay making and plowing our fields, and for the garden such as transplanters, conveyors, packaging stations, cultivators.


Groceries are always welcome at the farm. Each day we cook six offerings  for our beloved Radha Damodara. You can help greatly by donating any amount to our kitchen.


Central to all our activities, our spiritual core, is the temple of Radha Damodar. Share in the maintenance of the temple.


Donate by clicking here (you won't need a paypal account)