Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jewels of Gaura Lila - 2012 June Retreat

Join us for a weekend of enlivening sanga, kirtan and katha with HH Radhanath Swami and HH Devamrita Swami. These two esteemed speakers will unfold and reveal the beautiful pastimes of Lord Caitanya and His intimate associates. Emulating the mood and flavor of the world famous Pune Yatra held yearly in India, there will be nonstop, free-flowing mellows of sweet, humble offerings of the heart during this weekend of joyful personal transformation. The retreat will be nestled in the charming forests of Gita Nagari Dhama in the intimate association of Their Divine Lordships Sri Sri Radha Damodara and Their servants.


The retreat begins at 1:00pm on Friday June 29th and ends at 3:00 pm on Sunday July 1st. More details of the schedule coming soon.


Please click HERE (will open another page) to proceed with the retreat registration. Payment can be made using your credit card or via check at the venue.


Please register and book your accommodation.

In addition to accommodation on Sri Gita Nagari Dhama, we have arranged discounted rates at the following Motels:

Econo Lodge - PHONE: (717) 436-5981
US 322/22 AT SR 35 2 STOP 35 PLAZA MIFFLINTOWN, PA, US, 17059-9056
Group Discount Code: GNJUNE29 - BOOKED OUT!!!
Budget Inn- Ph: (717)436-2127
Mifflintown Old Us 22 And 322 RR 4 Box 142 Mifflintown, PA 17059
$65 for two people additional $10 each for up to 2 more persons
Group Discount Code: GN June29 - BOOKED OUT!!!
Relax Inn- Ph: 717-248-3921
Lewistown 767 Us Highway 22, Lewistown, PA 7044
Rate: $65 per night
Group discount code: Gita Nagari Retreat - BOOKED OUT!!!

13015 Ferguson Valley Road (US 322), 
Burnham, PA, US, 17009-1892 
Group Rate Code: GNJune29      
$99 for 4 people


12886 Ferguson Valley Rd, Burnham, PA 17009-1839 US 


Transportation  Costs

Harrisburg Airport pick-up  - $50
Harrisburg Bus stop pick-up  - $40
Harrisburg  Amtrak pick-up - $40 (same as bus - same location)
Lewistown Amtrak pick-up - $20

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bhakti Yoga Retreat with MD & VA College Students!

We had loads of fun hosting 35 vibrant, enlivening College Students from MD and VA 2 weekends ago.  What started of as a day trip for 5 students turned into a full on Retreat of 35, with comfortable overnight stay; delicious meals; an exciting tractor ride tour of our Farm; a humorous cooking class on how to make Agnihotra's Peach Cobbler; a deep and creative slide presentation of themes of the Bhagavad Gita by Visakha devi dasi; sweet kirtans with Syam Kisore, Haripriya, Saci, Sivam, Ramdas and others; connecting with the earth by transplanting seedlings alongside our Organic Growers; and starting with Phase 1 of the landscaping around our up and coming Wellness Center!  We even had a great turn-out at our first spiritual gathering of the day at 4:30am!

A huge thank you to each of our newfound friends for an enriching time, and special thanks to Devaprastha, Padma-malini, Sankirtan Yagna and Danielle for bringing the students out to GNYF!

Martial Arts at the Farm

Our community children and adults are progressing in their Martial Arts training with Avadhutta-das.  He is always equipoised, and in Class, stern yet encouraging;  trying to teach us to be attentive, disciplined and expert in the techniques.

Selfless Gita Nagari Youth

Our youth have launched into, actually are creating, a very exciting era here in Gita Nagari, as we mentioned in one of our previous posts:  they are on a monthly basis engaging each other in impactful Projects underpinned by sound objectives and solid planning and organizing.

They began their Program with selflessly hosting a wonderful evening of loving exchanges through singing and feasting.  

The second Project involved more active service: they moved all the heavy picnic benches to one side of the Playground, raked all the leaves, reseeded the ground with grass, weeded the front Temple Garden beds, planted bulbs and did a good clean-up of the surrounding area.

Here they are, blissful and full of fun, as always:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Update on Wellness Centre & Yoga Studio

Here is what the venues look like right now - we still have some finer interior decor and finishing to do!  Please do stop by soon!

The youth of Gita Nagari are enthusiastically launching into an active Spring and Summer Program!  They hosted the community to a wonderful evening of sweet exchanges and a delicious feast.  They have many more Projects lined up!  The next Project is scheduled for April 15th!  Watch this space!  Huge thank you to every one of them for inspiring us all very deeply and for the wonderful example they are setting.