Thursday, May 19, 2011

Science class in "the field"

Yamuna, Omar, and I went into the field today for Science class--hiked for 2 hours in the on/off rain mostly under cover of the woodland tree canopy. Yamuna and Omar gathered medicinal and edible plants for their science presentation on why identifying plant life is beneficial :::ground ivy, comfrey, dandelion, stonecrop, spring beauty, marsh marigold, sweet violet, mayapple, even wild asparagus.

It wasnt until we crossed back over the tuscarora creek inlet which runs along side the oxen training site, that Omar found an intact deer skull with antlers. None of us here advocate hunting but the deer skull is a good example of anatomy and it was beautiful in its quiet simplicity----the deer having left its bodyprobably not so long ago. There were shades of pink and green on the beautiful skull. Omar left it in a spot on along the path, to come back to in a few weeks after it has thoroughly dried out to study the anatomy.

Later, well present the flora we found to Parijata, Dhruva, and Prestayaha....and expound on why knowing what flora is nearby is beneificial to the entire community.

Peace, friends. It's raining again!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and we fed the cows comfrey

Sorry friends! The photos of the cows eating fuzzy comfrey leaves from a silver pail did not save in my blackberry camera so we'll try again tomorrow! (grrr AT&T and their refurbished phones!)

Regardless! We fed the cows comfrey today as comfrey "knits bones" because one of the cows, Creeper, has arthritis in his leg. Funny most of the cows enjoyed the comfrey but Creeper only accepted a few choice young leaves and turned his nose up at the rest. He refused the whole comfrey leaves so now we will try an herbal veterenarian recipe that says boil the comfrey and add a handful of ground ivy and a piece of licorice root ....because comfrey is kind of fuzzy and our cows have "higher taste".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pandu featured here is one of GITA NAGARI YOGA FARMS beloved, protected cows. He and cows all over want you to know that GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM is the ONLY non kill dairy on the east coast. Did you know that ALL other dairies on the east coast send their cows to the slaughter house after they are finished milking? Yes, its a big dark secret the dairy industry keeps quiet for obvious reasons. I didnt know about it either until i came to the farm....and all this time i was buying "organic, grass fed" cow milk---and this does no good at all! Even "organic"dairies send their cows to slaughter. So, please spread the word about Gita Nagari's Cruelty Free Dairy Line and next time you visit us, go home with some raw milk! We sell it fresh frozen so you can boil only what you want to use at the time and save the rest. Its the best milk on the east coast for obvious reasons. Please animal lovers spread the word about GITA NAGARI cruelty free milk-- even vegans love our milk becaue no animals are mistreated! Cows all over need you to spread the word about the dairy industry and send your family and friends to GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM. Also, go ahead and ask your local natural food store to carry cruelty free milk. Have them call us. Cows all over thank you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gita Nagari Yoga Farm at Vegetarian Society's Eat 4 life concert

Saturday night GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM set up table at the Vegetarian Society of Juniata County's EAT 4 LIFE Benefit Concert. The Yoga Farm set out a sampling of their Karma Free Dairy Products including ghee both plain and spiced, sweet potato flax bread, creamy pesto, and our famous cheese curd. Also gracing the table were ADOPT-A-COW tee shirts, cow dung air purifier cones, medicinal grade cow urine, and pro cow books. The EAT 4 LIFE benefit turned out to be an enjoyable evening with all of the ingredients you need for down home "fun": local live music, local vendors, and a wide range of healthy mouth watering samples provided by Port Royal's GITA NAGARI and Mifflintown's NATURE'S HARMONY. The evening closed when the roof was raised with clapping and wolf call in salute to the band, Grey Heron.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

operation save the peacock eggs 5-11-2011

(Above) Square sweetgrass haystacks adds sugar cubed sweetness to the already picarescque GITA NAGARI YOGA FARM landscape. (Above left) After one of the men bailing hay accidentally moved some hay that was home to a peacock nest, Omar stepped in and rescued the 3 remaining eggs and successfully relocated them to an "off the beaten path" peacock nest.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The race to Roost before sunset

Dhruva and Omar were racing the sunset tonight - and they succeeded...finishing the roosters new triangular shaped home before dusk fell. I think they hammered the last nail in just as the the suns golden rays bid their final adieau for the evening and dipped behind the Applachians. The roosters are now situated and two tired, satisfied men came home to heat up a very late dinner. Thank you for all your hard work Dhruva and Omar.