Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and we fed the cows comfrey

Sorry friends! The photos of the cows eating fuzzy comfrey leaves from a silver pail did not save in my blackberry camera so we'll try again tomorrow! (grrr AT&T and their refurbished phones!)

Regardless! We fed the cows comfrey today as comfrey "knits bones" because one of the cows, Creeper, has arthritis in his leg. Funny most of the cows enjoyed the comfrey but Creeper only accepted a few choice young leaves and turned his nose up at the rest. He refused the whole comfrey leaves so now we will try an herbal veterenarian recipe that says boil the comfrey and add a handful of ground ivy and a piece of licorice root ....because comfrey is kind of fuzzy and our cows have "higher taste".