Thursday, May 19, 2011

Science class in "the field"

Yamuna, Omar, and I went into the field today for Science class--hiked for 2 hours in the on/off rain mostly under cover of the woodland tree canopy. Yamuna and Omar gathered medicinal and edible plants for their science presentation on why identifying plant life is beneficial :::ground ivy, comfrey, dandelion, stonecrop, spring beauty, marsh marigold, sweet violet, mayapple, even wild asparagus.

It wasnt until we crossed back over the tuscarora creek inlet which runs along side the oxen training site, that Omar found an intact deer skull with antlers. None of us here advocate hunting but the deer skull is a good example of anatomy and it was beautiful in its quiet simplicity----the deer having left its bodyprobably not so long ago. There were shades of pink and green on the beautiful skull. Omar left it in a spot on along the path, to come back to in a few weeks after it has thoroughly dried out to study the anatomy.

Later, well present the flora we found to Parijata, Dhruva, and Prestayaha....and expound on why knowing what flora is nearby is beneificial to the entire community.

Peace, friends. It's raining again!