Friday, April 15, 2011

heaven on earth

This morning my plan was to take photos of Prestayaha feeding the cows a healthy spring diet, upload pics and info to blog, create CSA brochures, and work the rest of the day in the greenhouse. This morning...bright and early... that was the plan--- and I set out to do it. But as I was taking the first photo of a pretty grey milker accepting a strand of brocoliette with her adept curling tongue, the light flashed on the camera screen and warned me: insuficcient battery and-- that was that. God's plan is always the right plan. So rather than photo the cows enjoying a healthy meal, I made calls, seeded n organinzed the greenhouse, and identified flora. Now perhaps the aformentioned topics will be covered in tomorrows blog, however, tonight I must express this shining yet simple fact that comes to me daily now that spring has arrived: GITA NAGARI IS HEAVEN ON EARTH and all who have the pleasure of knowing GITA NAGARI are most blessed. Gods abundant blessings are everywhere here in the face of every flower unfurling, every peacock prancing, every protected cow, in every drop of milk, every warm breeze is God's sweet breath. I mean you don't even have to look for it here; when you set foot on Gita Nagari ground, you are surrounded by God in Nature. So when you come for a visit wether its your first visit or your 100th, please stop, breathe in the air, touch the earth with your skin-- bare feet, bare hands whatever- somehow make the connection, greet the flowers, brush the oxen, feed the cows, befriend the donkey and mini horses, and offer your unique service to God. Please come to GITA NAGARI humbly, enjoy God's bounty with us, and offer your service- we are truly blessed.

Jai mother nature. Jai!


Photo: Coltsfoot