Thursday, April 14, 2011

first barefoot gardenin day of spring

today was lovely. the sun was shining and the breeze soft and warm. i had my wildflower ID books out and i decided to lay on the grass belly down observing ground ivy, chickweed, veronica and other flora friends. i noticed the cool grass felt super inviting what with the sun heating me up inside my black sweatshirt. I pressed my cheek to the grass and my palms down to soak up some of her cooling energy. my feet sent the message to my brain then that they wanted to be free and sure enough within the hour my sweatshirt was hanging on a nail in the greenhouse and my shoes and "smartwool" socks were chilling near medbed one's nettle patch. yup, i went barefoot today n it was heaven feeling the cool earth yield and mold to my feet as i moved across grass and soil. wriggling my long, white toes- we're free again! they seem to say. ha and ah. ah and ha! what a joy to be barefoot in the garden. sms+