Thursday, March 1, 2012

Panel Member at Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) at Temple Uni in Philly

Dhruva was invited by the ALDF to be on a panel along with The Humane League and the Woodstock Sanctuary to enlighten law students on the horrors of Factory Farming by presenting our Compassionate Farming principles practiced here in Gita Nagari as an alternative to Conventional and Factory Farming.  The students were both horrified by Factory Farming, and subsequently inspired by Compassionate Farming.  There were very direct and descriptive conversations among everyone.

We also served a delicious vegetarian and vegan feast (thai coconut rice, cauli and chickpea, spinach and curd lasagna, salad with a lemon herb dressing, tofu nuggets with a spicy tomato chutney, poppy seed bread-rolls, spicy carrot cake and a fresh strawberry nectar drink), lovingly cooked by Mother Yasoda-mayi and milk fudge sweets also lovingly prepared by Mother Sudevi.  When students heard that the milk sweets and the lasagna with curd was made from the milk from our loved and protected cows, many vegans also tucked in,  having had to abstain from dairy due to their values and principles for a long long time until last week.

We had a great time interacting with the students and panel members.  Many are excited to visit our Farm, so we look forward to hosting them soon.

A big Thank You to Navin Jani for arranging the event and inviting us!