Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progress Update on agriCULTURE

The farm is buzzing with the sounds of Spring - the chirping birds have returned, the cows moo blissfully when they are let out for some exercise into the warm pastures every once in a while, the little critters are back foraging and active, and of course, the tractor has been revived after its loooonnnggg winter sleep!  Although it is goal for us to ultimately utilize ox-power, we are currently using diesel-power.  We are seriously strategizing on moving to bio-fuel power.  So in the mean time, our old faithful continues to plow, disc and till the land in preparation for seeding 20 acres with vegetables and herbs and flowers.

200 000 seeds have been sown in 2 greenhouses: the 20 x 48 and the 35 x 120.  The last few days had our farmers Hemchan, Kumarie and Sivam full time on the tractor.  Our old faithful took some strain so we hired a tractor to complete this critical phase of the growing process.  If anyone out there would like to assist us in procuring another functional tractor, please contact us on 717 527 4101 and ask for Dhruva or Parijata.  As you may know, we are a non-profit so your offering is tax deductible.

We are offering CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares this season in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, New Jersey and New York.  Let us know if you would like to participate. We are also seeking wholesale markets in these regions - we have secured 1 large channel; and also Farmer's Markets.  Please help us with leads and information where you can.

Today we plan to lay plastic mulch and start transplanting soon, seeing we seem to have an early Spring!  Let us see what this means for the rest of the growing season!