Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How do I support Gita Nagari, and find something unique and interesting to give as a present to my _____________________(fill in the blank; friend, spouse, partner, co-worker, relative, in-law. . ?)

Buy from Gita Gifts, the new community family run online gift store with interestingly unique, quality merchandise. Handmade items that make wonderful presents for loved ones and acquaintances.
Customer friendly site gives you access to over seventy individually selected items in an assortment of metals, wood, stone and cloth, packaged and shipped within 48 hours to anywhere in the continental U.S. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30 day money back policy. Items are added weekly so there is something new every time you stop by.
The best part is that 50% of net profits generated go directly to funding the building, renovation and innovation going on at Gita Nagari Farm right now; like the new Yoga Centre and Multi-Purpose room, The Health and Wellness Clinic, new guest house and acres of land for organic farming and the expanded CSA and of course the cow sanctuary. You can satisfy two needs at the same time and feel supremely good about both.
Please check us out at, like us on Facebook, spread the word, and Thanks!