Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The newest addition! Little Hamsi!

Our little Hamsi is the cutest!  She has fun in the barn with her Mommy, aunties and uncles, Madri and Kunti (our 2 little goats), Bala (our donkey who is her scratch post), the peacocks and roosters.  She is so happy and carefree and curious.  And funny!  She gets to loaf all over, often ignoring the concerned mooing of her Mom when she is out of her sight.  She has started to chew on some hay now, like a big girl :).  We have a joke on the farm here - she did not drink from her Mommy for about the first 7 days (we bottle fed her and even that she did not like very much), so we all thought she was vegan :D!  However, now she is a confirmed milk lover!

Here she is!