Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wellness Centre Takes Off!

It has always been a vision to focus on People Care here at the Farm, as everyone works very hard and needs an able body to maintain their service program with enthusiasm and vigor.  Furthermore, the Founder of our Project indicated that Gita Nagari is a "hospital for the Heart" too, where people can come to retreat and focus on their real self, their actual and eternal relationships and goals.

This Project climbed up the priority list when Dr Yogindra Balhara and his good wife, Sonia, paid us a visit from Chambersburg, a beautiful city 1 hour from our Farm.  Their employee who lives in Path Valley told them about us and so they came to check us out.   On their first visit, they so selflessly and generously offered to make available their medical expertise to the local community of Gita Nagari Yoga Farm, as well as the Amish and Mennonite and other community members of the County.  Dr Balhara is a physician and Sonia is the Manager of his Practice.

So we commenced renovations on one of our buildings.  We have 5 rooms: a consulting room, the Doctor's office, a massage room, a physical fitness room (equipped with an elliptical trainer) and a room with a spa bath for a good relaxing soak.  We will also install a dry infrared 1-person sauna.  We have a large full bathroom and a staff kitchen, as well as a welcoming entrance and waiting room where we plan to offer educational reading material and refreshments.

This is the building in progress: