Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yoga Studio / Multi Purpose Hall

We have recently converted one of our buildings into a Yoga Studio / Multipurpose Community Hall on the first floor, and accommodation with 3 full bathrooms on the second floor (only 1 is currently complete).  This building served many purposes in the past: the granola bar factory, the Gita Nagari Press and Damodara's Gift Store.  With many requests for Retreats in the Summer, the vision is to expand the location around this building into a recreational and social setting with some comfortable seating, fragrant gardens, and possibly an outdoor pavilion for outdoor dining.  Our new 8 roomed guest-house completed last year which sleeps 24 is located a little behind this Multipurpose Hall venue.  In time, we would like to establish a kitchen and dining serve-out here too.  So, with all these amenities in close proximity, we hope we can design the facility to meet the needs of our upcoming guests.