Friday, December 21, 2012

Building our Infrastructure: Irrigation System for Crops

This summer, we dug a 3500 ft trench 3 ft deep and installed 6 inch and 4 inch pipes in this trench for an irrigation system.  This trench began at the Tuscarora Creek (our Yamuna River) and ran all the way up to orchard hill, across the hay fields.  The plan is to irrigate 20 acres to grow vegetables, and to also expand our orchard, where irrigation will also be required, for our berry bushes and for the early growth of the fruit trees.  We also "T-ed" off the system to irrigate our greenhouses and high tunnel.

It was quite a big project, especially to dig that distance and then cover the pipes, as well as to pour concrete around each riser (where we "T" off to different parts of the system).  It also involved a lot of planning (on paper and on screen) to ensure that the layout of the system corresponded to our field map.  We hope to irrigate 14 acres through the drip system and 6 acres with overhead irrigation system.

Here come the pipes and the trench diggers - see pics above!