Thursday, December 20, 2012


delicious breakfast with family from DC

Caitanya Jivan - serving as always

Rasamrta, Anand & Mayu decorating the cart

children decorating the cart

Haridas, Dineswar and others in kirtan

Vilasa Manjari, Haricakra and others look on and join the kirtan

Visnugada - serving as always

While it is in the 40s right now here in Gita Nagari, we all somehow found ourselves fondly reminiscing about our vibrant yet sweet country style festival of chariots this past summer, where the  temperatures were in the 80s, and always cooled off with a cloud burst just near the end of the festival.

The sweetest part was the willing and harmonious co-operation of many wonderful people, both from our Gita Nagari community, and from our sister Projects too.  As usual, our Harrisburg family of devotees practically "made it happen" and our cooks from DC led by Puspavan and Kunti and Padma were a hit, as well as our well wishers from Philadelphia and New Jersey and New York and actually everywhere :) - they all made it a colorful and wonderful festival!  We were especially excited to welcome guests form our Port Royal, Mifflintown and Lewiston communities too!  We remain grateful for everyone's incredible support!

Looking forward to our next one - mark your calendars - always last Saturday in July - for 2013, it will be on July 27th and this will be our 35th one!!!