Friday, March 18, 2016

Our News March 18, 2016

Visit by His Holiness Devamrita Swami
Maharaja will be visiting the East Coast from late March to mid April.  He will be giving programs in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.  We will announce programs when we have more information.
Adopt a Highway
Saturday, March 12, at 11 am we met on Highway 75 by the blinking light to clean up our portion of the road.  Nine dedicated devotees ranging in age from 17 to 70 picked up 35 bags of trash.  "Champu" Prabhu brought 5 grabbers which made our service sooo much easier.  Thank you Prabhu! We were all exhilarated to do community service that reflects nicely on Gita Nagari.  Our commitment is to 4 cleanings per year, so please help us with this service.  As mentioned previously, we are approved for another section of highway 75 just by the turnoff to Gita Nagari.  Keep your eyes out for our new signs on Highway 75.
Cow protection update
Brisham lost the sheath to his right horn and has been placed in isolation for at least two months as he heals.  He is quite lonely being apart from the herd, so please pray for his quick recovery.
Two new calves have been born this week! 
Mommies and babies are strong and healthy.  The vet is checking in on them twice a week, and Dhruva and Parijata Prabhus are helping the little ones learn to drink mommies' milk.  One new mommy is so concerned that her new born is safe that she hasn't learned to stand still to let the little one drink.  What a sight to see them circling each other, one looking for milk, the other keeping her baby safe.
We learn from the cows daily as we observe their tolerance and patience with weather and bodily conditions.  The rain and wind simply do not affect them in a negative way.  They inspire us with their mode of goodness.
Please donate to assist us in caring for our growing community of cows.
First Spring Picnic
Twenty five devotees gathered at Moyer Park to celebrate with our first picnic of 2016.  A feast was honored, a rousing game of basket ball was shared, and quiet "catching up" was enjoyed by all.  Devotee association is the gift that keeps on giving.
Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious week!!!