Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our News March 5, 2016

​Upcoming Events
Gaura Purnima will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 22 at Gita Nagari.  Fasting 'til moonrise.  We will have an evening program with abhisheka, class, kirtan, followed by a feast.  Please mark your calendarsand join us in chanting and dancing to call Chaitanya Mahaprabhu into our lives.
​Boy's adventure camp dates are June 10-12July 8-19August 7-12.  To honor the 50th anniversary of ISKCON, Gita Nagari is launching 3 events to bring our young men to Gita Nagari to learn about self sustaining principles in a spiritual environment.  His Grace Nandiswara Prabhu will lead the participants in many exciting and challenging exercises to help foster greater self esteem and confidence.  Please visit our website​ for sign up information.
Iskcon's 50th anniversary.  Throughout the year we will be honoring and celebrating the formation of our beloved ISKCON.  We will alert you with the upcoming events.  Our founder/Acharya Srila Prabhupada says:

"Krishna is joyful.  I am a part of Krishna;  therefore, I must also be joyful.
That is natural.  If my father is black, then I am also black.
So, our father, the supreme father Krishna, is joyful.
He is not engaged in some industrial work or heavy machine making.
He is simply playing on His flute, and Radharani is there.
That is joyful nature."  (Hawaii, March 21, 1969).

Celebrating Success
Our community is filled with successful members who are accomplishing outstanding things.  Jana Parks is now a member of The National Honor Society.  This elite group is chosen for  their qualities of Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Character.  She included her service activities at Gita Nagari in her application, and we have witnessed her consistent commitment to her Sadhana and service.  Pandu prabhu shared his daughter Radha's award for artistic excellence at her university studies.  Sachi Priya prabhu is steadily completing her nursing studies at Penn State University-Harrisburg.  Priya Manjari prabhu is studying business at Penn State University-Harrisburg.  Vrinda Prabhu is looking forward to pursuing computer science at Indiana University.
This section will be included each week to acknowledge the amazing efforts being made by our community members.
Our family is growing!!! Sita, one of our first time mommies in the cow herd, had a baby girl.  Both mother and calf are healthy and happy.  Mother Parijata was shocked to see the baby girl standing and nursing on her first day.  Usually, the new ones need someone to show them how to drink their mother's milk. (see picture below) Thank you to everyone who supports our efforts to protect and nurture the cows.  It is one of our greatest missions at Gita Nagari, and we can't do it without you.
The Kitchen Remodel. We are making very nice progress in updating our kitchen.  As you may know, we host many retreats that require cooking for as many as 500 devotees.  This year we have plans to make our kitchen much easier to use.  We are currently researching a new convection oven.  To replace the worn out one we will need to invest $2700.  The Deity kitchen will need a new 4-6 burner stove/oven at a cost of $1200.  If you would like to help us serve Sri Sri Radha Damodar with these vital needs, please contact Dhruva Maharaja das at 717-527-4101.  We are most greatful for those of you who have already contributed to this project.

Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious week!
Sita and her Baby Girl, Mischievous Shyam and Nandini have ample hay in their feeder - here they are eating hay from where they ought not to - it all tastes the same but apparently not for them, Madri on a bale of bedding straw
As an aside, Snana Yatra Prabhu purchased a camera recently and
is making up for lack of pictures in the past :-)
Join us on the weekends at Gita Nagari Farm and Sanctuary where all our activities are based on the principle of compassionate living.  
We have been hosting Working Farm Retreats for the last 6 years on a needs basis.  This year we are pleased to announce our Working Farm Retreat as a fixed offering in the Summer – weekend retreats for you and your family to have a fun, relaxing and educational farm experience.
The Retreat begins on Friday at 6pm with Dinner and Orientation and ends on Sunday at Lunch.
Saturday entails 6 hours of fun time:

  • in the kitchen preparing meals, 
  • in the fields harvesting vegetables, 
  • time with the cows, 
  • cleaning the farm and 
  • much more.   
Then wind down with a late afternoon Yoga Class followed by dinner and some great social time singing and dancing around the campfire.
Sunday starts with early morning outdoor activities followed by breakfast and additional time spent in special Projects at the Farm.  
We wrap up with the facilitated session sharing our "Reflections & Realizations", which is always a heart warming time together.
Lunch is served at 1 pm. Thereafter, retreat attendees check out and head back to their first home as we have become by now their second home.
Please join us on the following weekends:
Please join us on the following weekends:

  • June 3-5
  • June 10-12
  • June 17-19
  • July 8-10
  • July 15-17
Sign up now - we are booking up fast and furiously! Your cost is really low as you are paying with your time and energy so to cover our hosting expenses, we are charging $80 per adult, $50 for ages 5 to 18 and $30 for under 5 years of age.
We look forward to working, serving, and growing together! Send mail to inquire!

Welcome to our Gita Nagari Farm & Sanctuary Family!
Pictured below: Singing for Sri Sri Radha Damodara, Core Group prepares for the Day, Hari Cakra & Sachi Priya lead in Kirtan, Mother Jasoda prepares a Feast, Mother Parijata glorifies Bhaktisiddhant Maharaja, Sati prepares Garlands, and Bali prabhu brightens our Day!