Cow Protection

Protecting cows is a central point of the lifestyle that we imbibe at Gita Nagari Yoga Farm. We actively rescue cows from other farms and bring them here, where they can live in peace for their entire lives.

There are a various aspects to cow care. But first:

Why Protect?

At Gita Nagari Yoga Farm, we understand that the basic principle of economic development is centered about land and cows. The necessities of human society are food grains, fruits, milk, minerals, clothing, wood, etc. One requires all these items to fulfill the material needs of the body.
It is said that the cows used to moisten the pasturing land with milk because their milk bags were fatty and the animals were joyful. We therefore provide proper protection for them to lead a joyful life by being fed with sufficient quantity of grass in the pastures. We have experienced numerous spiritual, ethical and economic advantages of protecting our cows and will always advocate this system and approach.  Please visit us and observe the benefits!

Below are some aspects of the cow protection program:

  • Barn construction and maintenance
  • Calf care
  • Fencing and pasture management
  • Hay production
  • Ox training
  • Milking and dairy-related services


Collaborate with us

Donate any amount to Adopt-a-Cow Gita Nagari Yoga Farm
Help feed a cow for 1 month ($62)

Adopt a Cow for one year $2/day ($730)
Rescue a Dairy Cow ($1500)
Adopt a cow for 1 year for $30 / month
Feed a cow during the winter months ($151)
Provide special care for retired cows ($108) 
$22 Monthly Subscription