Monday, December 29, 2014

BOILER GOAL REACHED! Thank You, Friends!

From Yasoda-dulal Prabhu: A BIG thank you and my sincere pranams to all who donated and shared these status updates: Gitanagari has the amount needed to get a new boiler and put it in, so that the residents can have heat!!! (This includes amounts pledged but not yet received by Gitanagari, I am told, so please do send those amounts in, else they could be short!) 

And from all of us here in Gita Nagari: A HUGE and HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all our friends and well-wishers for your generous contributions towards our central heating. Will post list of donors and an update in our weekly newsletter which comes out every Thursday. The residents here in Gita Nagari are very grateful and touched by your love and concern and by your active support. Thank you, dearest friends, and special Thank You to Yasoda-dulal Das Prabhu for leading this Project!