Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A visitor a minute

"Hey! cow pooh!" to "I so miss the smell of cow dung". We had all sorts of curious visitors to our stall at the DC Green Festival. We were presenting the three aspects of our farm - the spiritual aspect, the organic farming aspect and finally, cow protection/sanctuary. The interest in the spiritual dimension of farming as well as cow protection was very strong. The whole exhibition was about organic stuff - so the organic farming was appreciated but did not fly much. But what appealed to most was the spiritual basis. People went "Wow! We must visit you. Can we come?".

We also learnt a lot - we had a bee keeper as our neighbor. There was a cook show in a stall behind us. There was a display of hand made paper from Nepal! Then there were these energy consultants and solar panel distributors. A lot of freebies all over the place. Here are some frozen moments.